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Custom pieces!

Are you interested in getting a custom piece made? I frequently get requests for custom face mugs, pet ornaments, Guardians, ect. If you are one of these folks, give me as much information as possible. The more detail the better.

> Custom pieces require a 50% deposit upfront and the rest to be paid upon completion. 

> It will take me at *least* a month to create a piece. Why does that seem like such a long time? Well, I have a very big kiln and it has to be full in order for me to fire it. I'm not a machine and I like to take my time with each piece to make sure customers are getting the best quality product I can make. Ceramics is a very tricky art with many different processes it must go through before it's finished.

> Understand that I have creative liberty and it won't always be the exact vision you have for a piece. 

> Some things I won't make. If you take a look through my Instagram, you can get a feel for the type of art that I make. If you ask me to make something completely off the mark - I will say no. 

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